Tuesday, August 4, 2015

"On The Croup of The Sinner - PART II" is the name of Furia Louca's new album that will be released on August/2015, by the brazilian distro Voice Music. Some fans already know the songs of the new material, cause it's a remastered version of a demo, released on 2012 as a promo CD. All the the drums were recorded again and then, a new mix.

"We choose to work on this material again because this songs are really good, and deserve to be louder and with better quality. Beside that, now we can release this work as a full-length album and not just as a demo, that's how the idea of PART II became" said the bassist Tiago Guinevere.

The album was produced again by Base 17 Studios (São Luís/Ma - Brazil) with Felipe Hyily, Cid Campelo and this time with partnership of the guitarist, Hugão Away. There will be 10 tracks, exactly like the demo version, but with better audio quality, "so much better than before" ensures the band.

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